Meaning Of Lease Agreement In Arabic

– 1) a contract to use or occupy the property for a specified period for a specific payment 2) – property leased or leased or leased – 3) the period, a contract that transfers ownership to a person is in effect – [synonyms]: Charter, Charter, hire, hire, letting, letting, rental, rental, take, term of a contract – 1) -grant use or occupation of under a term of contract- 2) -engage for service under a term of contract- 3) -im a lease or lease goods and services – 4) – rent for money; housing construction . – اِسْتَأجَر، اِكْتَرَى، أَجَر، أَجَّر، أَكْرَى، آجَر، تَسَوَّغ، كَارَى، يستأجر، يؤجِّر.