Salesforce Service Agreement

“Salesforce Reseller Agreement” refers to Sage People`s agreement with Salesforce that the reseller (as an approved partner of Sage People under such an agreement) will provide you with the platform as part of the reseller application. “platform” refers to the online platform service that SFDC Sage People has made available to you as part of the reseller`s delivery of the reseller application. “Public cloud infrastructure” refers to the cloud public infrastructure hosting services used for addendum services. “Documentation,” trust and compliance documentation for the platform and its usage guides, which are updated from time to time and are accessible via or sign up for the corresponding addendum service. “Addendum Services,” the platform as it is hosted in the public cloud infrastructure. “Addendum Services” excludes, without restriction, all professional services, the reseller application, the apps listed in AppExchange and other third-party applications and services. “AppExchange” refers to the online directory of on-demand applications that collaborate with the SFDC service, or any website that will succeed it. “SFDC service,” the online and online service that is generally made available to the public through and/or other specific sites, including associated offline components, but without third-party applications. For the purposes of this SFDC service agreement, the SFDC service does not contain the platform. “third-party apps,” online, web and offline software provided by third parties and identified as third-party applications, including apps listed in AppExchange and the reseller app.

“reseller”: Sage Software Australia Pty Ltd, Sage Software Canada Ltd, Sage Software, Inc. or a licensed reseller of the latter. “Reseller Application” refers to “Sage People Services.” “Your data” refers to all the electronic data or information you provide as and to the extent that it is on the SFDC platform or service. “User” means your employees, representatives, consultants, contractors, representatives and third parties with whom you make transactions that are authorized to use the platform under the terms of this SFDC service agreement, since a subscription to the reseller application has been purchased for that user and you (or SFDC or a seller at your request) have provided user IDs and identification words. “law (s) applicable (s) “: all laws, regulations, court decisions, regulations, administrative decisions, judgments and legal guidelines that apply from time to time to the dealer or to you when supplying or using the reseller or Salesforce application when providing the platform in general (i.e. regardless of the nature of your data and/or the sellers or your particular use or configuration of the platform).¬†You” and “you” means the customer unit that entered into the purchase of subscriptions for the use of the reseller application in accordance with the terms of the SFDC service agreement, as well as all other conditions required by the reseller.