Settlement Agreement In French

Under the national law of the Republic of Slovenia, the execution of a sentence imposed by a foreign court is only possible if it is provided for by the applicable international convention or on the basis of reciprocity. Cultural Ties Agreements enshrine the general principles of cooperation and implement them through cultural exchange programmes developed on the basis of mutual agreements. The agreements reached are sealed by a special agreement – a mutual concession agreement. The form of such an agreement is arbitrary, but the text should contain: expects that assistance agreements between competent states or international organisations and interested states will be put in place on the basis of mutually agreed conditions. 3.2.1 If two or more competent authorities have a common interest in setting up a VTS in a given area, they should develop, on the basis of mutual agreement, a coordinated maritime transport service. Compromise is often the only way to resolve disputes. Such an interim solution brings the opposing parties to one, while each party to the dispute receives something valuable from him in exchange for concessions. Reciprocal concessions become an instrument for resolving not only personal disputes, but also differences of opinion in commercial, civil and professional relations. The General Assembly may decide on the need for technology transfer, but the technology can only be transferred on the basis of reciprocal agreements setting the conditions for such a transfer. It is only on the basis of mutual and total recognition of these legitimate contradictory factors in the region and the strengthening of existing agreements that we can put an end to indiscriminate and destructive violence and move forward. Ensure the implementation of the country`s international relations policy on the basis of the mutual interests and interests of the countries and the respect of the interests of Ethiopia`s international conventions. If necessary, the agreement will be accompanied by confirmation of the parties` intention to fulfil its obligations. The evidence may be documents relating to the fact of the measure intended as a concession in the agreement.

To this end, Malaysia and Indonesia have decided, on the basis of a mutual agreement between the two states, to submit a territorial dispute to the Court for decision. It was found that effective partnerships require time and clear agreements based on mutual trust, and that agreed objectives, roles and responsibilities must also reflect the interests of the communities concerned. In essence, a reciprocal concession agreement is an agreement whose most common variant is a conciliation agreement. The agreement must be written down, signed by the parties and approved by the Court of Arbitration. One of the Tribunal`s roles is to verify compliance with the requirements of the law. If the reciprocal concessions of the parties infringe on the rights of others, the court is required to refuse an out-of-court settlement. Synonymous: opposition, opposition, dispute, dispute, disagreement, discord, confrontation, confrontation, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels. By reaching an amicable agreement, the parties agree to close the proceedings. Arguers, on the basis of reciprocal concessions, can peacefully settle disputes and obtain certainties in relations.