Trade Agreement In Sinhala

Sri Lanka`s trade relations with India marked a historic milestone when the India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA) was signed on 28 December 1998 as Sri Lanka`s first bilateral free trade agreement. The ISFTA came into force on March 1, 2000. The ISFTA is now fully implemented, with both parties fulfilling their progressive obligations under the Tariff Liberalisation Programme (TLP), as explained below. Pl. visit India`s website for isFTA compulsory concessions and other India pricing information: If you have access to magazine content through a university, library or employer, register here. You can connect simultaneously via one or all of the methods below. Some social magazines require you to create a personal profile, then activate your social account If you have access to a newspaper through a company or association, please visit your social newspaper, choose an article to post it and follow the instructions in that field. Contact us if you are having trouble registering. Access to the content of society newspapers varies according to titles. Sri Lankan products exported to India are currently duty-free, with the exception of the following categories Indian products exported under the ISFTA to Sri Lanka are currently duty-free, with the exception of 1180 TL products covered by isFTA in the Netherlands of Sri Lanka. Rules of Origin (ROC) Criteria for export products that are not fully preserved or produced in Sri Lanka (with imported inputs) Sign in here to access free tools such as favorites and notifications, or to access personal subscriptions If you have access to the review through a company or association, see the instructions below.