Well Share Agreement Arizona

The parties may, in certain circumstances, suspend the termination of water-related services as part of the agreement. When a party finds a new water source, such as a new well or municipal water source, it may need time to build and commission its new water source. Agreements that allow parties to use water for a reasonable period of time before putting their new systems online are beneficial. Seasonal factors such as frozen soil in winter or water for landscaping and livestock in summer must also be taken into account. In many rural Arizona, it is not uncommon for one or more parcels to share a single water well and water system. The management and maintenance of a common water system requires the time and attention of all concerned. Disputes over the contribution of each parcel owner to the maintenance of the well and water system and the amount of water each package can use are common and can lead to chaotic and costly litigation, as well as bad feelings among neighbours. This is why it is important for landowners sharing a well and water system to enter into a legally binding agreement that clearly defines the rights and responsibilities of each party. These types of agreements are referred to as community-based agreements or joint agreements with wells. These agreements are essential for any property that shares a well with surrounding parcels.

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