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There is nothing like the feeling of riding your motorcycle along the highways and byways of Northern California. But did you know there were 1,401 injuries and deaths related to auto accidents in Marin County in 2018? It is especially important to be aware of other drivers and vehicles on the road when you are on a motorcycle. If you are in an accident on a motorcycle, you are much more likely to sustain more significant injuries than someone in a car or truck.

If you have been in an accident while on your motorcycle, you do not have to deal with the aftermath on your own. Attorney Michael Rehm has more than a decade of experience helping motorcycle accident victims recover medical expenses and other compensation. If you or a loved one is hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact Michael Rehm as soon as possible.

The Dangers of Bike Riding

There is a widely held misconception that motorcycle riders are reckless drivers. In reality, many accidents involving motorcycles are not the fault of the motorcycle rider. 106 victims were injured or killed in motorcycle accidents in 2018. Many of these accidents likely could have been avoided. Drivers in larger vehicles sometimes do not see motorcycles. The driver may also be distracted by music or a cell phone. Other things can also cause motorcycle accidents, including poorly maintained roads or defective parts on the motorcycle. Sometimes, responding officers and insurance companies will automatically find fault with the biker. Quite often, the responsibility lies with someone else.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Attorney

Accidents on a motorcycle are often more severe than any other kind of automobile accident. Because you are not protected by the frame of a car, you are more likely to have more severe injuries, including head and brain trauma, broken bones, road rash, spinal cord injury, and paralysis. You will likely need extensive medical care immediately after the accident, as well as continued medical care during your recovery. These bills can add up quickly. 

A motorcycle lawyer will have the experience to ensure you are compensated for your medical bills and other expenses, including lost wages and pain and suffering. Do not rely on an insurance company to offer you a settlement that may not be fair to you. In 2019 alone, there were 40,748 civil lawsuits filed related to auto accidents in California, and some of these obviosuly include motorcycle accidents. Consulting with a lawyer will ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

San Rafael Motorcycle Accident Attorney Michael Rehm Is Here For You

Recovering from a motorcycle accident can take months or years, depending on the severity of your injuries. While you concentrate on getting better, you need someone you can trust to help you navigate the legal process for compensation. Attorney Rehm has the experience and skill you need at this crucial time.

Michael Rehm Law provides representation for auto accident cases in Marin County, California, and all throughout the Bay Area and the whole state of California. Attorney Michael Rehm is licensed in California and New York, and has been in private practice for over a decade. If you need help, we are here for you. Free, confidential consultations are available at (415) 251-1680.


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